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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Golden Hour

I went out for some more practice with the golden hour, this time to Pioneer's Park. WOW there were a lot of other photographers there. It was the complete opposite of my evening at Oak Lake. At the lake I was totally alone. There was the occasional car coming down the road nearby, but I had the island completely to myself. At Pioneer's, there was a pro photographer ever couple of feet and they all had way bigger cameras than me! Now I know bigger isn't automatically better, but it was still super intimidating. And to make it worse, I appeared to be the only one shooting the scenery--the rest of them had models/clients, and were probably making bank for their trouble.

Anyways, the result of the crowd was that I waited a while to really get started, since I couldn't find many spots that weren't full of people who I assume were watching, judging, and cursing me. So a lot of these shots were taken later on in the evening and are darker. It was a bit of a different experience.

here's the whole album on picasa:

The Golden Hour - October 23, 2011


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