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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Golden Hour

I've been trying to get out to catch the "golden hour" all week, but it's been either rainy or cloudy or I've been sick and missed it. Today I finally got out. I was intending to bring my boyfriend to act as a model, but he was gone when 5:45 rolled around and I knew I couldn't wait. So it was just me and the camera and Oak Lake.

I'm super ridiculously pleased with the shots I came up with. This is my first time doing a shoot on my own since I picked up my camera again. I've done a few with my boyfriend, but it's not the same shooting a person and having a person there while I shoot. I'm not sure which one I prefer, but I definitely was more willing to experiment and didn't feel any sort of pressure.

A few of these shots aren't even edited! It's been a long time since I've felt comfortable releasing my photo babies into the wild without dousing them in photoshop first.

The Golden Hour - October 13, 2011

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